Saturday, September 14, 2019

Theater: "Plano" by Will Arbery, paperchairs 2019

Three sisters.
Three men.
One mother with her own crazy backstory of having been a nun, a wife, a mother.

The paperchairs theater of Austin performed "Plano" by Will Arbery in Sept. 2019 at the Ground Floor Theater. The set design, by Lisa Laratta, was a terrific cube of a house and front porch, projecting like a dangerous missile on an angle toward the audience. The set, like the lives and psyches of the three women on the front porch, frozen in a moment of careening speed as the characters fly through rapid-fire language, confusion and distress. The daughters each embody and elaborate the types of the mother: nun, wife, mother. Each daughter, in turn, defined by the disappointing relationships they have with men. All of this from a show with many moments of humor and delightful surprises, washing over the audience like a bucket of cold spring water.

A fabulous show, beautifully acted, challenging and thought provoking; and all of it set in an American heartland: somewhere near Plano.

Paperchairs actors

Anne: Heather Hanna
Genevieve: Hannah Kenah
Isabel: Elizabeth Doss
Mary: Janelle Buchanan
Steve: Josh Meyer
John/Juan: Harold Fisch
Faceless Ghost: Matt Hislope

Review of the play as performed in NYC recently by Clubbed Thumb: