Sunday, April 19, 2015

Theater: Airline Highway, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, NYC April 2015

How to make it real, compared to what?  Lisa D'Amour makes New Orleans feel real - the beauty and the ugly of it all is just a touch away.   -dp

From the NYTimes (

Glitter-strewn and bawdy, “Airline Highway” follows the residents of the Hummingbird Motel (located on the real strip that gives the play its name) as they plan a “living funeral” for Miss Ruby, a bedridden former burlesque queen and den mother to a motley set of hustlers, strippers and bike-riding poet-philosophers.... 
The connecting thread is work about people and issues that don’t normally get a dramatic spotlight. “One of the great strengths is her ear,” said Martha Lavey, artistic director of Steppenwolf. “She’s bearing witness, and I think she does it without judgment, and in a way that’s poetic and compassionate."